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  2. Check out my website, feel free to call the # on the site and chat with one of my employees who generates me tons of off market deals.
  3. Reach out to my title company and ask them if I’m closing amazing direct to seller deals by googling Rudy Title Nashville TN- Ask for Ruth Hofstedder, OR email her @
  4. See below for some big checks from a few of my favorite deals:
  • Project I found off market for 900k, see tax record for purchase price and then appraised value of the project– building 7 short term rentals on commercial land. My Est exit value post building, $950,000- $1,000,000 per unit  


BIG $134,000assignment fee on a deal I didn’t want to flip due to distance in Gatlinburg TN

One of my favorite short term rentals in Gatlinburg TN, please see appraisal purchase price and appraised value. $212,000 in equity and growing!

One of my best long term rentals from my direct to seller marketing, please see tax record purchase price, then appraisal report. $200,000 in equity and growing!

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